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Zonabel 40mm Apple Watch Screen Protector (3 Pack)


 Designed to cover the flat glass surfaces of your beloved 40mm Apple Watch, the Zonabel Screen Protector provides an additional layer of protection, guarding against scratches, shattering, fingerprint marks and grease smudges without losing image clarity or touch-screen functionality.

- Compatible with Apple Watch model: Series 4, 5 & 6
- Apple Watch is not included
- Tempered Glass does not cover curved edges of the watch, only flat part of the watch face.
- Zonabel is not an original Apple product

Is my watch 40mm or 44mm?
To check the size of your watch, turn it over and refer to the small font engraved on the back. It should stipulate the correct size.

Application Guide:
- Clean your Apple Watch screen thoroughly, first using the wet wipe, then the dry one
- Using the 'Dust-absorber' sticker, lightly dab the entire surface of your screen, as well as the curved edges
- Gently remove the plastic layer from the tempered glass screen, align it to your Apple Watch screen and gently apply
- Apply light pressure to the centre of the glass
- The adhesive will spread over the screen smoothly

What's in the box
3 x Zonabel Glass Screen Protector for 40mm Apple Watch
3 x Alcohol Wet Wipe
3 x Dry Wipe
3 x Dust Cleaning Sticker