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Why should I join your marketplace?
If you want to start selling beyond the borders of South Africa and break into a market that is untapped then you are at the right place. Our neighbours like Namibia are limited when it comes to shopping online in South Africa and we have closed this gap. It is like trading in the old days, where we buy a specific product from you for the shopper and deliver it to their doorstep.
What is the vision of the marketplace?
Shoppers have a wide variety of interests that have to be catered for, as some want to buy a unique, handcrafted decor piece, a cool trendy gadget or the farmer that needs a specific product to keep on farming. All of this is exactly what the marketplace wants to achieve, is to help shoppers find what they are looking for from vendors that have a variety of products.
Is signing up free?
Signing up is for FREE there is no monthly subscription fee and a discount of 10% on each sale excluding VAT is collected.
How do I setup and manage my store?
Once the verification process is completed and your account has been activated, you will have access to the store setup on our portal. You can either add the items individually or import a file to upload the products to your store. There will be a cost involved to assist you with the setup.
What products may I not sell on the marketpalce?
The following may not be sold on our market place due to licence requirements, rules and regulations of both local and cross-border authorities or outside the scope of the category list of the marketplace: alcohol, tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, all live animals and livestock or related products as a result thereof, illegal drugs, firearms and ammunition, pornography, farm produce, wheat, maize and cereal or related products, perishables including meat but not limited too, used pneumatic tyres, raw hide and skins, diamonds and gold, live plants and products, honey, fireworks and explosives, anything not approved by the marketplace.
What products must be approved before I can sell it on the marketplace?
There might still be some products that need to be reviewed for approval by the marketplace before you may sell iron our marketplace such as; Imported products into SACU that are not normally locally available Branded products that are governed by distribution and resale agreements Products that might be classified as prohibited and restricted or related to products that may not be sold on the marketplace Designed, handmade or crafted products that are outside the scope of the category list of the marketplace Products that are once-offs and no continuity have a negative influence on the marketplace
What products may I definitely sell on the marketplace?
All products of vendors that are in line with the concept and vision of the marketplace. Where it is of good quality, trendy, innovative or locally made and falls within the scope of the category list of the marketplace.
Why will my sign up be subjected to a verification process before approval?
The success of the marketplace will mainly be determined by the variety of products, the shopper and their shopping experience. The marketplace therefore are obligated to ensure that the standard of compliance is met and to not negatively impact the existence of the marketplace and co-vendors through bad reviews, sub standard products and service delivery. It is all about co-existence and the marketplace it where shopper and vendors can collaborate to their hearts content.
How will I know if product has been sold and have to be prepared for shipping?
A notification from the marketplace will be send to your e-mail with the detail of the sale and how the purchase should be routed for delivery.
Do I have to arrange for the delivery of the purchase?
No, the vendor does not have to arrange for the delivery directly to a shopper in South Africa. We have contracted a service provider that will take care of this. Once the order is ready and the portal has been updated, a collection will be arranged with the service provider. We will prepare the waybill and email this to you beforehand. Should it be that the shopper qualifies for a free delivery because of the purchase value, this will be recovered from the weekly payout to you. The delivery of a purchase made by a shopper in Namibia will be routed and delivered to our processing facility. We do not cater for collections from any courier services or counter collections. All deliveries should be delivered to us. We are responsible for co-ordinating the final stage of the delivery process to the client’s doorstep in Namibia.
What can delay payment for products sold on the marketplace?
The sale transaction has to be updated from “product sold” to “product shipped”. This will require from you the vendor to capture the shipping info such as the date shipped and the tracking number. Our back office will also verify and track the shipment to monitor the delivery and push notifications to the shopper. Failing to update the sale transaction will result in a payment delay.
When do I get paid for products sold on the marketplace?
There will be releases for payments twice a week to allow for the pay gate service provider to handle and clear the payment. We need to protect both parties involved in the sale process against fraudulent or failed payments. We do understand that you would like to get paid before shipping, but this will be against our policies and the lead time from ordering to final delivery will increase. This will result in an unfavourable shopping experience and the shopper might not return for a second purchase. This way of transacting will give us the edge over other marketplaces which normally settle vendor accounts once a week.
What can I typical expect to be deducted from the income that I generate on the marketplace?
The discount that we will claim from you the vendor on the total transaction value will be either 10%. Total transaction value will typically mean the product cost excluding VAT. This will be deducted when making the payment to your bank account. An invoice to confirm the amount must be submitted to uBuyaBox to confirm the payment amount that must be made.
What other value adds will I benefit from?
Social media is a great medium to showcase and share your products. We take care of the marketing and advertising campaigns using all the social media channels to reach out to a specific consumer audience. You are most welcome to link us to any of the social media profiles that you have already setup for exposure. Feature weeks will be specifically used to promote products in a certain category or a theme. You will receive an invite to participate which is optional for which we will charge an affordable fee.
How will communicate with shoppers?
All communication with shoppers will be channelled through the marketplace.
Can I accept a return / exchange or do a refund on an item purchased where the shopper is based in Namibia?
In the event of a cross-border purchase it is more complex due to the customs formalities, cost involved and duration. All cost for an item to be returned to South Africa has to be paid by the shipper prior to returning the item. Refund for the purchase will be between the vendor and the client. We would recommend it for the shopper to retain the original packaging should the vendor have consented to a return / refund or exchange. Exchanging an item after the return has been completed is subject to a new transaction which has to be actioned on the site.
I need more information, can you help me?
For more detailed information you can always refer to out Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy or send us a message via "Contact Us" on the site.