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Yamaha takes their acclaimed DGX series to the next level with the DGX-670 portable grand. If you want Yamaha tone and touch in a feature-packed 88-key digital piano, Music Experience has your ideal instrument. The Yamaha DGX-670 gives you the natural feel of Yamaha’s GHS weighted action — heavier in the bass, lighter in the treble range — that incorporates matte black keys to absorb moisture for a supremely comfortable playing experience. Sonically, the DGX-670 raises the bar with Yamaha’s cutting-edge CFX Stereo Sampling, which delivers the inimitable, majestic sound of the company’s flagship CFX concert grand. Plug a microphone into the Yamaha DGX-670’s mic input and sing along with your playing — you’ll hear your vocal through the onboard speakers and you can record your performance to USB memory.

Your musical journey continues

You’ll rediscover your love of making music with the Yamaha DGX-670. Yamaha’s You Are The Artist library makes it enjoyable to learn the songs you’ve always wanted to play, using sheet music from Hal Leonard, or just by reading the scrolling notes on the DGX-670’s onboard Score Display. Explore the world of Yamaha music apps for iPad with the optional UD-WL01 wireless LAN adapter (available separately). Yamaha apps such as Chord Tracker will advance your piano playing like never before.

Packed with high-tech features

The DGX-670 is packed with the latest Yamaha technology to bring you features that will advance you on your musical journey. Add a doubled voice to your melody line and embellish your notes with accented hits with the DGX-670’s Unison and Accent function. Yamaha’s Adaptive Style feature automatically shifts between the Main Style Variations by adjusting the velocity and number of notes played to give your music a nuanced, professional feel. Smart Chord makes it easy to play sophisticated chords, expanding simple triads into 7th chords with just a few fingers.

Sonic superiority

Yamaha has been building acoustic pianos since 1900 and the company has been on the cutting edge of digital technology for decades. Under the hood of the DGX-670 are proprietary digital audio technologies such as Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), which meticulously models the limitless number of factors that create the sound of a concert grand piano to impart vivid and richly varied expression to your music. For non-keyboard instruments, Yamaha’s Super Articulation Voices intuitively reproduce natural expressive nuances, allowing keyboard players to achieve stunningly realistic renditions of orchestral instruments, guitars, and more. To inspire you further, Dual Mode lets you combine two Voices together, such as piano and strings, to create totally new hybrid sounds. Of course, the DGX-670 also features wireless Bluetooth audio that lets you connect your music player, so you can listen to and play along with your favorite songs!

What Yamaha Says...

Digital pianos with powerful speakers, offering high-quality piano voices together with accompaniment in a broad range of genres.

From solo piano to playing with a band

The DGX-670 is a digital piano for enjoying everything from straight-ahead piano playing to playing along with other instruments. In addition to the high quality of the piano, the advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles provide backing in a wide range of musical genres including pop, R&B, and jazz. Display sheet music to aid practice, connect to smartphones, microphones, and other equipment, and discover the many other ways to enjoy music with this feature-packed instrument.

High piano quality

Only Yamaha can offer the elite quality of the DGX-670 piano Voices. From tonal variation that responds to the player’s touch to the sympathetic resonance of grand pianos, the impressive sound represents an authentic piano-playing experience only an acoustic piano manufacturer can deliver.

Jam with the band packed into the DGX-670

The DGX-670 offers a wide range of Voices in addition to the piano, from 630 realistic-sounding instruments including electric pianos, organs, and strings, to catchy synthesized sounds. The advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles make it possible to jam with any number of other “musicians,” from a combo to a big band. There are 263 accompaniment Styles including rock, R&B, and dance. Enjoy an experience that feels just like playing a live session in a band.

Adaptive Style - Accompaniment that automatically adjusts to your playing intensity

The DGX-670 is equipped with Adaptive Style, a function that automatically analyzes your playing in real time and arranges accompaniment to suit the mood of the music. Play with more intensity, and Adaptive Style ramps up the accompaniment; switch to a mellower mood, and the Adaptive Style mellows out along with you. The accompaniment joins you wherever you are at any given time, giving every tune the thrilling feel of a live performance.

Simple Style - Minimal accompaniment for a simpler sound

When you want to make things simpler and highlight the instrument Voice you're playing, one push of a button is all it takes to strip the accompaniment down to rhythm and bass.

Smart Chord - Pro chords, played simply!

Smart Chord makes you sound like a pro, even if you’re just learning how to play. With a single finger on your left hand, Smart Chord will create entire chords from simple pop triads to complex jazz 7th and 9th chords. Accompaniment Styles create the rest of your virtual band so you can get straight to playing music.

Unison & Accent

Unison & Accent are functions that open up a wide array of expressive capabilities. With Unison, you play a phrase while pressing the foot pedal, making the accompaniment Style play in unison with you. This lets you perform signature lines found in iconic songs or create your own signature licks for the whole band to follow. Accent lets you add rhythmic "shots" to accentuate notes of your choice simply by playing a little harder.

630 high-quality instrument Voices

Equipped with 630 varied, high-quality Voices including stunning pianos, electric pianos, organs, brass, strings, percussion, and more. From breathy saxophones to ringing guitars and warm, resonant strings, the DGX-670 impressively replicates sounds down to the finest nuances. Thanks to acclaimed Super Articulation technology, the distinctive characteristics of each instrument are reproduced in incredible detail as you play.

Connect wirelessly for Bluetooth® audio

You can play music through the audio system on the DGX-670 by using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. Enjoy playing along with your favorite songs directly from your smart device! *Availability of Bluetooth Audio function varies by country.

Identify the chords in your favorite songs using the Chord Tracker app!

The Yamaha Chord Tracker app for smart device helps practicing and performance by extracting the chord sequence of an audio song stored on your device. * Not compatible with songs from subscription services or streaming services. Song files must be owned.

Plug-in a microphone for karaoke or singing while you play

Since a microphone can be connected to this instrument and Song lyrics can be shown on the display, you can enjoy singing along with your keyboard performance or along with Song playback. Moreover, you can apply various studio-quality effects such as chorus to your singing voice. You can also cancel the vocal part on audio recordings, letting you sing along with (or instead of!) your favorite artists and groups, and enjoy performing even more.

Audio Play & Recording

Audio files (WAV format) saved to a USB flash drive can be played back on the instrument. You can also record your performance as audio files to a USB flash drive–making it easy to edit your recordings on computer as desired, and share them over the Internet.

Lesson features

The Lesson features are a fun way to learn and master Songs, with notation shown on the display. For example, when you practice the right-hand part, the playback of the left part and other parts will wait for you to play the notes correctly. This allows you to practice melodies and phrases smoothly—even if you are a beginner.

3-pedal Unit for Your Yamaha DGX-670

The Yamaha LP1 3-pedal unit is specifically made for your P-121, P-125, and P-515 digital pianos and is a perfect complement to the L125 furniture-style stand. The LP1 attaches to the L125 stand (required), giving you true piano-like pedaling with the traditional soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal arrangement and half-damper functionality. It also puts the pedals in the proper ergonomic position, letting you transition to an acoustic piano seamlessly. Music Experience's advice: complete your Yamaha digital piano with the L300 stand and the LP1 3-pedal unit.


  • 88-note GHS weighted action with matte-finished black keys
  • CFX Stereo Sampling delivers the majestic sound of Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling imparts vivid and richly varied expression to your playing
  • Super Articulation Voices intuitively reproduce natural expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments
  • Smart Chord lets you easily expand simple triads into 7th chords
  • Dual Mode lets you combine two Voices together to create new hybrid sounds
  • Unison and Accent adds a doubled voice to your melody line and embellishes your notes with accented hits
  • Adaptive Style gives your music a nuanced, professional feel
  • Pitch Bend wheel for adding expressiveness to your performances
  • Mic input lets you sing along with your playing and record the performance
  • USB audio recorder-player: plug a thumb drive into the USB-to-device port and record
  • USB-to-host for connection to your favorite computer music software
  • Score Display scrolls MIDI song notation on the DGX-670’s LCD screen
  • Bluetooth audio lets you connect your music player and play along with your favorite songs
  • Onboard multi-amped speaker system
Number of Keys 88
Type of Keys GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard with matte black keytops
Polyphony 256 Notes
Presets 601 voices, 29 drum/SFX kits, 388 XGlite, 263 accompaniment styles
Effects Types Reverbs, chorus, DSP, EQ, Acoustic control
Sequencer 16-track recording, 30,000 notes (SMF format)
Audio Recording WAV recording/playback, 80 minutes max time
Audio Inputs 1 x 1/8" TRS (aux in), 1 x 1/4" (mic in)
Audio Outputs 1 x 1/4" TRS (headphones)
USB USB Type A (flash memory drive), USB Type B (to host)
Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" (sustain), 1 x multi-pin (optional Yamaha pedal board)
Built-in Speakers Yes
Power Supply 12V DC Power supply included
Height 29.93" (with stand)
Width 55.06"
Depth 17.50"
Weight 46 lbs. 5 oz. (piano only), 61 lbs. 12oz. (with stand)
Manufacturer Part Number DGX670B