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Wildebees Willewax 125ml Clear


Wildebees Willewax 125ml Clear

This wax keeps any leather item soft and well-fed as it contains everything to keep your leather in top quality. This is the best wax to use for your lighter shoes and leather products as it’s not pigmented and soft and it does what it’s made to do – keep your leather items shining and soft. You can use this lighter wax on any lighter leather product, it won’t affect the colour. It can also be used on darker leather products and the colour won’t be affected either. This wax was made specially for Wildebees but can be used for any leather products. Apply with a Wildebees Shoe Brush or cloth.

Proudly made in South Africa.

Our Features:
– Ultra-soft bee wax mixed with necessary ingredients to keep your leather in top condition
– Easy screw-off cap to keep wax soft
– Clear wax
– Plastic Container
– 125ml

What’s in our box?
1 Container of Willewax

How do I use this?
All leather needs to be polished. We found, what works best to keep it in tip-top shape, is to do the following:
Take a Wildebees Shoe Brush or a cloth with a small amount of Willewax and polish the leather until you are happy with the results, Note that the wax is extremely soft so be careful when scooping some out for use.

Unfortunately this item cannot be exchanged or refunded. Should you feel unsure about the pigmented wax, rather buy the clear wax.