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Volkano Piston Series Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit


The Volkano Piston Series Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit is designed to provide clear, hands-free communication in your vehicle. The kit is powered by advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology that ensures a strong and reliable connection, along with echo-cancelling for a crystal clear signal. Enjoy your drive and stay focused with the Piston Series.

Metal Housing for added durability and stability.

Supports the Quick Charge QC3 standard and specifications for faster charging.
The LED Display lets you know exactly what is happening.
USB Input to play your favorite jams.
Dual charging ports lets you charge two devices simultaneously.
Charge your devices on the go and never be caught with a dead battery.  The Piston series supports Quick Charge 3 for compatible devices, so even on really short trips your device will be charged quicker!  Jam to your favorite music voa the USB port and stream to your car's audio system for the best sound quality.  Easily skip between tracks and even take hands-free calls on the go.

What's in the box
Car Kit