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Tornado Potato Slicer


The Tornado Potato Slicer is a convenient kitchen tool that allows you to create perfectly spiraled potato slices. The efficient design allows for easy cutting and delivers consistent results every time. Enjoy perfectly cooked potatoes in half the time!

Let's be honest, you absolutely love chips on a stick! We could even go a step further and say that you maybe get to enjoy this delicacy once, maybe twice a year at best from a random food truck you spot on a night out. Worry about when your next Chip Stick will come no more!
The Spiral Potato slicer is now available for your kitchen allowing you to enjoy crispy potato slices on a stick whenever you have a craving…..dangerous!

Features include:

304 Stainless Steel blade which can slice your potatoes just right allowing you to make as many servers in quick succession.

Suction base which will allow you to free up your hands ultimately improving sliced potato efficiency and convenience

Small, compact & lightweight - This nifty device can be stored in the smallest of spaces and is compact and light enough to be taken with you wherever you choose.

Low Maintenance – not only is this product a great addition to any kitchen but the design makes it simple and easy to clean.

Don’t you think its time you control when you get to enjoy chip sticks? Improve your snack game today with the Tornado Potato Slicer.

What's in the box
1x Tornado Potato Slicer