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Mellerware Tap Filter Plastic White 2000L Per Filter Purify


Mellerware Tap Filter Plastic White 2000L Per Filter


Mellerware presents the on tap water filtration system. Fit's almost any household tap and comes complete with tap adaptors and clamps. This unit includes a ceramic filter which filters up to 2000 litres of water.

  • Fits most taps
  • Ceramic filter
  • 5 stage water filtration
  • 1. removes heavy metal
  • 2. removes the dust particles
  • 3. clears the colour of the water
  • 4. neutralises the taste
  • 5. removes the chlorine
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Filters up to 2000 litres
  • Switch between filtered and unfiltered water