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Step Down Voltage Converter 220v AC to 110v AC 500w , Use USA Appliance in SA


This step down voltage converter 220v AC to 110v AC 500w is ideal for use with USA appliances overseas. It offers a safe and reliable solution to convert from 220v to 110v without damaging your device. Enjoy using your USA appliances in other countries.

Step up or Step-down voltage converter. Max. load 357 watt.
NOT USED AS BACKUP DURING LOADSHEDDING. Used for converting North Amercan appliance voltage to be used on South African mains . The DW500 can be used on appliances that consumes 357 watt or less. ( Max. recommended wattage) The recommended wattage allows surges in load
Convert appliances that operate on AC 110v or 120v to be used on mains voltage of 220v .
The converter does not convert the frequency and will be at 50Hz if connecting to South African mains supply

IMPORTANT SAFETY: Warranty will not be covered if an appliance wattage rating is higher than the recommended converter wattage. Rather choose a higher rated model. Appliance wattage can be found where the input power label is located.If converter is overloaded the converter will blow a fuse or burn out. If unsure which converter model to choose contact Satronics or contact supplier of appliance . If you want to use SA appliance in North America contact Satronics for converter reconfiguring

What's in the box
1 x Voltage Converter 220v to 110v step up or down. Maximum load 357 watt.