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SporeBusters Fungi Control

Green Sprouts Solutions has designed a concept to eliminate the harmful mould that has been a problem in these feed production applications for ages.
Micro Organism Control

The wet environment and controlled climate inside the sprouting facilities creates a wonderful breeding ground for mould to strive in. The mould was also one of the main reasons why these feed production concepts could never successfully been used in the past. Mould has the ability to coefficient multiply in the ideal conditions and immediately starts to break down plant material inside the facility, causing major challenges to some farmers. The mould can cause huge financial lost to livestock if not efficiently been dealt with.

Great successes have been achieved to produce mould free green feed for livestock all year round. Spore Buster has been developed by the Green Sprout Solutions engineers to enable the farmers to inhibit the micro organism development that is causing difficulties.

The material has outstanding properties which make it very easy to use for cleaning of the growing trays and to maintain hygiene inside the Boosters.

Deep Cleansing

The constantly wet environment inside the Boosters are causing algae and other micro flora to develop and grow on the floor and construction material. Green Sprouts Solutions has developed a detergent called MAMBA to easily clean the surfaces and save a lot of time and labour. MAMBA outsmarts most of the cleaning agents available on the market at a fraction of the cost.