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Professional Portable Black Alcohol Tester-JJ1



Professional Portable Black Alcohol Tester:
- This Tester measures the concentration of alcohol during exhalation by simply spraying your breath and is an important detector to prevent drinking. No mouthpiece, very convenient and hygienic
- It is useful in a wide variety of places such as before driving, the next morning drinking party, or party, preventing overdrinking previously (taxi company, railway company, sales company, bus company, etc.)
- You can detect the concentration of alcohol in seconds to ensure safe driving. How to use: 1. Press the power button. 2. When the warm-up countdown is finished, blow the mouth as close as possible to the blower mouth (about 5 mm) in about 10 seconds. 3. The electronic sound of the completed measurement will be displayed. It will automatically turn off after the measurement is completed
- The measurement data is large in numbers, contrast is clear and easy to read. Smart Alarm: Depending on the tester result, it displays three states. 1. "Undrinked"; "Safety" text is displayed on the display and the green warning light flashes. ; 2. Drinking state: The LED indicator will be yellow and the warning sound will be sounded; 3. "Drunken": The display screen displays the "danger" text and the red warning light flashes and the "Di" beep
- It is more convenient than traditional battery products and has a longer service life. It has a built-in high-capacity battery that can be used approximately 300 times on a single charge
- The main body size is only 4.1 x 1.2 x 0.7 inches (105 x 30 x 17 mm), so it can be stored in the palm of your hand Moreover, based on the ergonomic design, the rounded edges and smooth design make it more fashionable and comfortable to the hand and non-slip shape
- This alcohol tester is intellectualized design and adopts high sensitive chip and intelligent semiconductor sensors for more accurate measurement
- Non-contacting blowing design avoids the breeding of bacterium in the blowpipe, quick troubleshooting without pipe blowing, and makes the measurement healthier. Equipped with three color detection indicators, the test results are clear at a glance, red represents the drunken state, yellow represents the drinking state, and green represents the non-drinking state

- Equipped with semiconductor sensor system, quicker tester
- Non-contact testing, healthy and clean
- Compact and portable, easy to carry
- The Portable Breathalyzer is compact and lightweight. It comes with a non-contact mouth-blowing checking way
- It has an HD LED display and is very easy to read even in the dark. It is necessary for drivers
- Lightweight and compact, easy to carry. The micro-matte process, delicate touch, can't put it down
- Equipped with smart chips and highly sensitive sensors, the measurement is more accurate. Accurate numerical values, high-definition large-screen display, clear at a glance
- USB rechargeable lithium battery, without frequent battery replacement, can be recharged
- Quickly estimate your blood alcohol concentration with this small and contactless alcohol breathalyzer

- Package Weight; 50g
- Package Dimensions; l=7.7cm x w=2.1cm x h=11.5cm
- Color; Black
- Material; ABS
- Charging Input; 5V1A
- Measuring Range; 0-0.19% BAC, 0-0.95mg/L
- Preheating time; 10s
- Blowing time; 10s
- Display; LED display

What's in the box
1 x Professional Portable Black Alcohol Tester