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Portable Folding Solar Panel


Product Details:

Charging electrical devices on a camping trip in the wild could prove to be a nightmare. Whilst handy camping solar panels do exist, generally finding electrical power sources in the middle of nowhere can be next to impossible. Solar chargers are life-savers in situations like these.

Whether you are on a camping adventure or chilling on a beach, you don’t have to rely on conventional power outlets to charge your essential electrical devices, especially your laptops and cell phones. You can make use of eco-friendly solar chargers and powerbanks for enjoying your trips without the worry of draining batteries. There are a bunch of different solar chargers available in the market and the list below is populated with their pros and cons along with short descriptions to give you a complete picture of the product you might be interested to buy.

Product Weight

2.3 kg
Product Dimensions

58cm(L) x 2cm(W) x 58cm(H)
Shipping Weight

2.3 kg
Shipping Dimensions

58cm(L) x 2cm(W) x 58cm(H)