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Pioneer CDJ 3000 Multimedia Player


Experience the next level of DJing with the Pioneer CDJ 3000 Multimedia Player. Featuring a 9-inch touch screen, a pro-grade build, and the latest Rekordbox features, this device is designed to help you achieve the highest precision mixing and performance. Stream pre-made playlists directly from sources like Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+, or use your own personal library of tracks.

Pioneer went all out to produce a digital deck that delivers an incredible performance with outstanding stability. The first of it’s kind with a micro processing unit to drive the system. The touch screen is 9 inches big with high resolution and the jog wheel was redesigned to perform smoother with minimal touch latency.

The CDJ 3000 supports rekordbox and can play music analyzed by rekordbox or when connected to a laptop with rekordbox.


Sync your sounds with lights thanks to compatibility with the new Pro DJ Link Lighting feature. The CDJ 3000 sends phrase analysis information to rekordbox (PC/Mac) so you can control lighting effects via the RB-DMX1 (sold separately) and take your show to the next level.