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Picnic Cushions


Our Picnic Cushions are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Made of weather-resistant fabric, they provide a comfortable and stylish seating option for enjoying outdoor meals. The cushions feature a water-resistant coating to protect against spills and inclement weather, while providing a luxuriously soft feel. Enjoy outdoor meals in comfort and style with Picnic Cushions.

For additional comfort, add a plush outdoor cushion to your picnic and treat yourself to an afternoon snooze beneath the trees. The stylish Picnic Cushion is soft and durable, and features a natural cotton handle making it easy to carry.

  • Picnic Cushion
  • A natural cotton handle makes it easy to carry

About Pretty Picnics

The quintessential picnic gets a fresh make-over! When it comes to picnic accessories that are stylish, practical, and kind to the environment Pretty Picnics have thought of everything. Inspired by their love of nature and a passion for beautifully designed products, they’ve set out to create a collection that you simply can’t help but fall in love with. They have sourced 100% recycled rPET yarn, produced from recycled plastic bottles, and had this woven into their brand textiles, resulting in a durable and earth-friendly fabric. That means products are 100% South African made using this innovative process.