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Whirlpool Oven 60cm Inox Colour 8MF 73L Dials


Whirlpool built -in electric oven


This Whirlpool built in Oven features: smart Clean technology, that provides a self cleaning cycle that ensures ideal cleaning results, at the touch of a button. Advanced electric technology allowing you to cook dishes saving energy. Halogen lamp allowing a more energy-efficient performance. Exclusive 6º SENSE technology, that allows you to pick among a variety of pre-programmed recipes, and your oven will automatically adjust cooking, temperature and time settings, to ensure perfect results. Ready2Cook function, that uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature, and completely eliminate pre-heating need.

  • Construction Type: Built-in
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 90
  • Oven guides:Grids
  • Time-setting options: Start and Stop
  • Energy efficiency class -A+
  • Time control: Electronic