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Office Chair Castor Wheels for All Floors


This Office Chair Castor Wheels are designed to fit most office chairs and are perfect for all floor types. They are durable, strong and great for both soft and hard floors. The set includes 5 wheels for long- lasting use.

Set of 5 Silicone Replacements with Universal Fit Standard Stem Diameter

Reliable - Especially designed to protect carpet, slate, tile, and other soft floors while ensuring smooth and quiet rolling
Heavy Duty and Strong
Practical and Durable - Made of high quality polyurethane to guarantee excellent performance over time
Universal - Fit most office chair models available, standard stem diameter: 7/16"(11mm), stem length: 7/8"(22mm)
User Friendly - Easy DYI pull and snap installation on most chairs

What's in the box
1x Set of 5 Office Chair Castor Wheels