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No Tie Shoelaces



These no tie shoelaces are soft and supple, with just enough stretch and they aren't shiny - we don't do shiny in our house. 

They are ideal for children with sensory issues, Autism, ADHD and Asperger's. No need to worry about tying your shoes again and they are indistinguishable from normal laces.


  • No More Tying Shoelaces: Perfect for children or anyone who battles to tie shoelaces.
  • Comfortable When You Walk: The durable silicone provides enough elasticity to allow for comfort and support.
  • Express Your Unique Style: Colours to match every shoe in your cupboard.
  • No Tightening: The elastic silicone material allows for flexibility. Perfect for running, walking, fitness and so many more occasions.
  • Easy to Slip Shoes On And Off
  • Waterproof: The silicone material is durable and sustainable in any weather condition.
  • Easy Cleaning: Hassle-free and easy maintenance.
  • No Tripping: No more worrying on tying your shoelaces tight enough.