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Mochi Squishies (Pack of 3)


We initially bought a pack of these just for fun. But the problem was, about half of them did not even leave the office. Everyone wanted one! So we order some more, a lot more in fact. Just to check, we gave a few to the kids of friends and family and we are now almost at the point where we have to lie to our friends and tell them we don't have any more.

They are definitely not anything like the squishies we all know. They have a jelly-like texture, not spongy at all and are a bit stretchy. But so adorable!

 Be warned, however, they are very small. Most of them are about 4 cm long. The kids tell us that that is actually a good thing, it means their teachers won't notice them in class. (Mmmm, have to think about that...)

They are available in packs of three random squishies.