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MagicFX Stage Flame SS


Professional and safe flame system. Two in one system as the Stage Flames can be powered by gas bottles and by spray cans. The Stage Flame can create flame balls, flames and big flames. 

3-in-1 system! Spray cans, gas bottle, normal + big flame.  Double valves for maximum safety.  Powercon in/out.  DMX controllable.  Safety channel.  Tilt sensor.  Temperature sensor.  Shock sensor.  2 red LED safety indicators.  Extraction fan inside.  Big flame option.  Compact unit.  Flame detection system.  Filters inside.  Easy to mount in truss systems.  Quick connect hose attachment.

Size (LxWxH) 34 x 37 x 25 cm

Weight (KG) 13,5
Voltage 230V
Power 100W
Control DMX
Channels 1 safety and 2 fire channels (normal flame / big flame)
Consumption Spray Cans / Propane Gas Bottle
Max. Distance 4m-8m
Capacity Spray Can – 200 flame balls / Gas Bottle > 1000 flames
Warranty 3 YEARS!