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MagicFX CO2 Jet


The CO2 Jet is a small device that blows white clouds of CO2 on festival stages. Connect the CO2 Jets to bottles of liquid CO2 by using CO2 hoses.

Comes standard with high quality CO2 quick connector.  Blue LED test indicator.  Powercon in/out.  Reliable, special design high quality valve inside.  Easy to put on stages or mount in truss systems.  Small and perfect for all kind of stages.  Fits on MAGICFX® Base Plate.  Many easy quick connector accessories available.  (Case available – special order).
Voltage 230V AC / 50Hz
Power 20W
Control 230V on/off switch or DMX by Switch Pack
Output 8m
Warranty 3 years
Product Pack Spec  (LxWxH) 13 x 8 x 13cm, output pipe 20.5cm Weight (KG) 3,5
Shipping Pack Spec 30 x 30 x 30cm / 4000 = 7kgs