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Large Picnic Blanket


This Large Picnic Blanket features a pretty design and will add comfort and style to your picnic. It has waterproof backing which makes it suitable for use on the grass and on the beach, and rolls up into a compact roll with a fold-and-clip handle for easy carrying. It even comes with a matching drawstring bag.

White PVC, waterproof backing makes it suitable for use on grass and on the beach
Custom print
Textile: 100% SA woven polyester with 40% SA rPET yarn content
Natural cotton trims and handles
Rolls up into compact roll with a fold-and-clip handle, for easy carrying
Comes with a matching drawstring bag
About Pretty Picnics
The quintessential picnic gets a fresh make-over! When it comes to picnic accessories that are stylish, practical, and kind to the environment Pretty Picnics have thought of everything. Inspired by their love of nature and a passion for beautifully designed products, they’ve set out to create a collection that you simply can’t help but fall in love with. They have sourced 100% recycled rPET yarn, produced from recycled plastic bottles, and had this woven into their brand textiles, resulting in a durable and earth-friendly fabric. That means products are 100% South African made using this innovative process.