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Lamelle - Skin Essence Clear


Lamelle Skin Essence Clear is a priming liquid containing probiotic lysates that help restore balance to skin functions thus assisting to clear, soothe and hydrate. Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin.

Key ingredients include Bifida Ferment Lysate extracted from probiotic cultures that support the skin microbiome, helping to promote a healthy skin barrier and build skin resilience. Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid gently exfoliate the epidermis and pores, keeping them clean and clear while smoothing the skin’s texture, and improving radiance. Zinc PCA has antibacterial properties whilst Panthenol helps soothe and calm redness. Fragrance-free.

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: Lamelle Skin Essence Clear focuses on the management of problematic, acne-prone skin with probiotic lysates that help balance the fragile skin microbiome. Combined with ingredients that assist in desquamation, control inflammation, and also rebuild an impaired lipid bi-layer this essence is an ideal adjunctive treatment for problematic skins.