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Lamelle - Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30


Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30 is a mattifying, non-sticky sunscreen that has an SPF 30 and the added advantage of a very powerful antioxidant called Pycnogenol. Suitable for early ageing skin.

Key Ingredients include UVA & UVB organic filters. Pycnogenol a powerful antioxidant, protects skin against free radicals produced by UVA and absorbs some UVB while suppressing inflammation. Glycerin is a lubricant and a humectant that attracts moisture to your skin. It contains a fragrance. Does not leave a white cast.

Dr. Webster’s Recommendation: Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30 is an ideal sunscreen for daily wear indoors and to the office. It protects the skin while at the same time preventing oxidative damage on the skin that contributes to premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.