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Lamelle - Dermaheal Ageing Neck Reversal Serum


Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum is a potent serum that treats signs of ageing on the neck to help stimulate new collagen and elastin. Suitable for mature, sun-damaged skins but can be used by those with early signs of ageing.

Key ingredients include Growth Factors that help to promote the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, which promote skin tissue repair and regeneration. Peptides stimulate tissue remodeling and improve dermal collagen integrity.

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum focuses specifically on the neck because it is just as important to treat the skin on the neck as it is on the face. While no topical product can tighten the skin like certain skin rejuvenation treatments such as lasers, this product will help to enhance these treatments. It helps to hydrate, stimulate and improve the overall texture of the skin in the neck area. Caution should be used by those with any sensitivity. This is the first South African topical Growth Factor product.