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Lamelle - Correctives RA 3.0 Serum


Lamelle RA 3.0 is a lipid serum with a high-performance yet well-tolerated retinoic acid ester serum purposed for age prevention. Suitable for all early ageing skins including dry and sensitive skin.

Key ingredients include a proprietary Retinonic Acid (RA) ester that reduces dermal elastosis and significantly increases epidermal turnover without unwanted side effects. Squalan is an excellent skin hydrator derived from plants but also produced in its own form naturally within the skin. Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil is an occlusive and skin conditioning agent. Caprylic Triglyceride is an emollient derived from coconut oil.

Dr. Webster’s Recommendation: Lamelle RA 3.0 has been proven safe, effective and, with only a few drops applied at night, it provides better results in treating the signs of ageing than nearly all other forms of non-prescription retinoid. This is a perfect introductory product to retinol if you’ve never used one before, or for those who prefer a serum base to a cream base.