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Kenwood Attachment


Kenwood KAT002ME attachment


If you own a Kenwood Kitchen Machine featuring the Twist Connection System, the KAT002ME Bar Adaptor is a must-have accessory. This adaptor allows you to fit Bar Connection System attachments to your Kitchen Machine, expanding the range of culinary tasks you can accomplish with your appliance. Whether you're a seasoned cook or just starting your culinary journey, the KAT002ME Bar Adaptor can help take your cooking to the next level

Compatible With:
KCL95, KCC9040, KCC9060, KCC9068, KMM770, KMX50, KMX51, KMX52, KMX53, KMX54, KMX55, KMX56, KMX57, KMX58, KMX59, KMX60, KMX61, KMX64, KMX71, KMX75, KMX80, KMX81, KMX82, KMX83, KMX84, KMX93, KMX95, KMX97, KMX98, KMX99, KMX750, KMX752, KMX754, KMX760, KMX770, KPL9000, KPL9010, KQL6100, KQL6200, KQL6300, KVC3000, KVC3100, KVC3103, KVC3110, KVC3130, KVC3150, KVC3170, KVC3173, KVC3300, KVC5000, KVC5001, KVC5010, KVC5020, KVC5030, KVC5040, KVC5050, KVC510