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Heliocare Spray


Heliocare Spray SPF 50 is a unique topical sun protection spray in light and easy-to-apply formulation which is quickly and uniformly absorbed to protect the skin against daily environmental challenges. It provides full-body protection. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients include Fernblock, a natural plant extract from Central America with proven photoprotective properties together with technologically advanced filters that provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. There is an optimal balance between mineral and non-mineral filters to ensure maximum tolerability and cosmetic compliance. Sunsphere Technology increases the effectiveness of the filters, permitting reduced quantities of filters and thus lowering the potential risk of sensitization and allergies and improving cosmetic characteristics. Water-resistant. Non-comedogenic.

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: Heliocare Spray SPF 50 offers potent photo-immunoprotection for your skin not only from the sun but also by enhancing your skin immunity. This sunblock is a popular large-volume body spray ideal for families. An easy-to-use nozzle that makes it easy to reach those hard-to-reach places on the body.