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Creality LCD Resin 1Kg White


The Creality LCD Resin in White is a high-quality 3D printing material, specifically designed for use with LCD-based resin 3D printers. This 1kg bottle of resin provides a smooth and precise printing experience, allowing you to create detailed and intricate models with ease. Its white color ensures excellent surface finish and allows for easy post-processing and painting. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, this resin is sure to deliver exceptional results for your resin-based 3D printing projects.

Ultra High Precision: Creality 3d printers resin prints the models with low shrinkage during the photocuring process, which ensures the high precision and smooth surface with great resolution.
Not Easy to Break: Creality 3d printer resin grey has a good combination of High strength and toughnes, which brings easy removal of the model and delivers accurate printing details.
Light Odor: Creality UV 3d printers resin insists on insists on strictly selected material, so the smell is relatively light, and the resin odor will quickly dissipate after printing.
Fast Curing and Great Stability: 3d printer resin white was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent fluidity. Meanwhile its great stability and proper hardness offering better printing quality.
Wide Applications: Given the outstanding performances, Creality 3d printer resin compatible with 90% LCD Resin Printers, Especially Creality Printers.

What's in the box
1 x Creality LCD Resin
1 x User Manual