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Hybrid L2700RGB/F Red, Green and Blue Laser – Beam & Animated Graphics


This Hybrid L2700RGB/F laser projector is equipped with red, green, and blue laser beams to generate vivid animation and captivating graphics. With its high refresh rate, the projector produces a clear image that remains stable during motion to create an immersive viewing experience.

* Red, Green & Blue Laser - Beam & Animated Graphics
* 2500mW, 400mW Red, 500mW Green & 1600mW Blue
* 25KPPS High speed optical scanner
* DMX512 (17 Channel), IDLA Mode (PC Control) , Program
  Mode (SD Card), IDLA Mode (SD Card), Auto, Master/ Slave &
  Sound to Light
* Beam & Animated Graphics
* On-off key switch
* Auto shut-down after 8 sec inactivity
* LCD Control Display
* IR Remote control included
* XLR 3 pin DMX (In & Out)