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Collagen & Elastin Ampoules


Deeply hydrating to revive even the most sluggish skin. This deeply hydrating formula contains a potent blend of two natural sources, water-soluble proteins to help refresh and revive even the most sluggish skin.

Individually sealed glass ampoules create an impermeable shield to protect the formula until the moment of use. Suitable for all skin conditions. Includes a customized Ampoule Opener accessory that facilitates the seamless opening of the individual ampoules in the skin service and home regimen alike. 

The Ampoule Opener simply slips over the neck of the ampoule, providing additional grip and leverage for the skin therapist or client to snap the neck of the single-use ampoule, and safely dispose of it. The Ampoule Opener can be reused multiple times.

How to use


Place the Ampoule Opener over the ampoule top.

Firmly snap the neck of the ampoule top.

Safely eject the ampoule top from the Ampoule Opener and dispose appropriately, saving the Opener for future use.

Empty the contents of the ampoule into your hand or a small dish, and dispose the ampoule base appropriately.

Apply the ampoule liquid as directed.

Note: Use care with sharp edges when opening glass ampoules. Follow directions for opening to avoid injury. Dispose in accordance with local standards.