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Circular Polarizer Filter (82mm)


A circular polarizer filter is a landscape photographer's most sought-after camera accessory as it helps bring contrast and vivid, natural saturation to a photograph. Normally, a CP is used for landscape compositions featuring water, snow, ice, blue skies, and foliage as it can help darken the sky, remove reflections, and reduce unwanted glare from the scene.

  • Cinema Seriesā„¢Ā Glass - Made in Germany.

  • AluminumĀ Frame - Engineered to withstand a lifetime out in the field.

  • 16 Coating Layers - Anti-scratch / anti-oil / hydrophobic coatings.

  • The 95mm variant hasĀ aĀ standard thread pitchĀ - Some lenses will require a coarse thread Step-Up Ring

  • Adventure Assuranceā„¢ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.