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BT-Cocktail Ampoules



Optimize skin fitness and resilience This next-generation ampoule helps boost skin energy while creating an invisible shield against environmental assault, helping to restore firmness, luminosity and tone by optimizing skin performance. The luxurious formula glides effortlessly over even the most parched skin, delivering optimum absorption and a dewy finish while targeting our unique trio of technologies to their destinations.

Botanical compounds derived from lab-grown moss, one of the most resilient organisms on earth, help strengthen the skin’s defences against urban aggressors and climatic stresses. A synergistic blend of Adenosine Triphosphate and ATP precursors helps to rapidly replenish skin energy depleted by the ageing process and by adverse lifestyle factors. Thiotaine helps protect delicate skin tissue and provides wide-spectrum antioxidant protection. 

A delicate blend of essential oils helps to soothe the senses. Includes a customized Ampoule Opener accessory that facilitates the seamless opening of the individual ampoules in the skin service and home regimen alike.

The Ampoule Opener simply slips over the neck of the ampoule, providing additional grip and leverage for the skin therapist or client to snap the neck of the single-use ampoule, and safely dispose of it. The Ampoule Opener can be reused multiple times. Formulated without parabens and artificial fragrances. PETA-certified cruelty-free.