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Bellabaci - Cellulite Be Gone Box Kit



The perfect combination of the right topical wellness oil and Cupping Therapy will help give you back your pre-cellulite thighs. Add an authentic Turkish Bath Hamam exfoliating mitt, or ‘Kese’ as it is known in Turkish into the mix, and you’ve got a super recipe for your health & beauty wellness.


1 x Body Massage System (1 Soft Cup & 1 Hard Cup)
1 x 120ml Cellulite Be Gone Genie
1 x Kese Body Mitt


1. Take a hot shower or bath, soap up and rinse off. Now get ready to use your Kese.

2. Slip in your hand and use circular motions to loosen the dead skin cells. Make sure you spend enough time on each area and remember those knees and elbows!

3. Start at your ankles, move to your knees. Then move from your knees to the tops of your thighs. Use circular motions on your abdomen, starting on your right hip, and gently exfoliate your arms moving from your hands to your shoulders3.

A nice, red tone is good. Don’t overdo it – a few minutes will do!


Apply to your problem area, and just a small amount will do provide ample slip for the gliding of your cup.

The Genies also have wellness benefits, which is great if you are running low on time for your cupping session.

And, don’t worry about your clothing or linen, as the Genies don’t stain!


1. Start at your ankles, squeeze the cup lightly and set down the cup just above your ankle where you can easily grab some flesh for a superficial massage, and drain the lower leg upwards in lines, towards the lymph node behind your knee.

2. After a minute or so, you can start just above your knees, and drain upwards from your knees, towards the lymph node situated in the groin area. Follow with circular or zigzag movements to loosen adhesions and lipid pockets. This is the part where you take care of your cellulite. End off by draining towards the lymph nodes in your groin by just moving the cup from your knee to your groin area.

The amount of time you spend is up to you, and of course, the more you do, the better your results will be.

*Do take note that you will have a stage after a week or so, depending on how fast your drainage is working, that your cellulite will look worse than when you started. This is normal, as it indicates that the cellulite has softened and is in the process of being eliminated.

If you start off working quite vigorously, or if there is a lot of stagnation, you may also see small “bruises”, where there was capillary leakage. This will resolve within a few days and is also indicated if your skin support system is not as resilient, but don’t worry, you are building lots of collagen and elastin with each session.

3. For the arms, start at just above your elbow, and drain towards the lymph node located in your armpit.

If your upper arms are very thin you can always use the facial cup to drain this area. If there is enough flesh to work with, you can try doing small circular movements, before ending off by draining your lymph as discussed

4. Now, move on to your stomach. Start by placing the cup just above your right hip bone and drain in circular motions, clockwise. So, that means from your (R) hipbone, drain upwards to your ribs, then go across to the left and then down to your (L) hip bone. Repeat for a minute or two.

5. Always start with your soft cup, and when you have become accustomed to it, and there is no discomfort, you can move on to your hard cup. But keep the soft cup close, as it is best for tender areas!