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Audio Center SA3218


The Audio Center SA3218 offers an immersive listening experience with its dynamic soundstage and power-packed bass. 30W of power output delivers crisp highs and mids, with reduced distortion for clear, balanced sound. Enjoy maximum coverage with its 360° surround sound technology.

  • Active DSP-controlled Compact subwoofer.
  • Customized AUDIOCENTER ferrite driver, 4” voice coil.
  • Neutrik Inputs and Outputs.
  • Class D amplifier.
  • 4000-watt Peak Power.
  • Dual 18″ Drivers

3 low-pass filters (80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz) in SA3118 are available to choose from according to different venues and musical styles. There is also a phase switch. All connectors and function buttons are on the back panel.

SA3218 subwoofer is with 1-way XLR for input and output. Signals can be sent to different speakers for sound distribution.