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3M Executive Range


Trailer Features:

* Aluminium executive finishes

* Trailer Body from 40mm insulated panels

* Galvanised floor

* Lockable rear door

* Waterproof door edge capping on all open doors and hatches

* Serving hatch and Hot air vent

* Sink prep bowl 

* 20L water bottle on top of sink

* 48mm Jockey wheel and clamps

* Parking Jacks for stability

Appliances included:

* Single gas Chip frier

* Double Gas boilet pot table 

* 4 Row Gas griller plus flat top

* Chaffing dishes

Optional Extras:

* R1259 - 13" Spare wheel

* R 5750 - DB board plus caravan plug connection plus internal led light

* R 14750 - Wrapped braning