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20000Mah Power Bank


20000 Mah Portable Power Bank will charge your cell phone about 4-6 times depending on the level and size of the phone battery

Can be used for any DC product, i.e. Cell Phone, fan, mosquito killer, light.
Charge the 20000mAh Power Banks with electricity or via a Solar Panel Charger. Can use a 4w, 6w or 15w solar panel charger.
It may take a while depending on the level of the battery.
Our Battery Size is 100% Accurate. What we claim is what you get.
Built-in quality batteries and comprehensive multi-protect safety system, including overcharge protection, and short circuit protection.
The battery capacity itself is 20000mAh, its marked capacity is 13000Mah, although its actual output capacity is 13000Mah.
The conversion rate of each power bank is basically the same. The conversion rate is about 65%. So, you can calculate their actual output capacity by yourself, 20000 x 65% = 13000mah

Product Description:
Product Model: Mobile power supply
Dual output: 2.1A & 1A
Three inputs: Android, Apple, TYPE-C
Inputs (Android, (Android, TYPE-C 2.0A. Apple 1A)
Shell material: Plastic ABS
Product Weight: 380g
Product Size: 14cm x 6.7cm x 3cm
Socket standard: Micro USB

What's in the box
1 x 20000Mah Power Bank
1 x USB Charging Cable

Product Weight: 380g
Product Size: 14cm x 6.7cm x 3cm