Vendor Registration & Setup Guide


uBuyaBox would like to welcome and congratulate you at the same time in making the decision to join us on this exciting new journey.

We urge you to please feel free to pass comment or send us suggestions on how to improve this guide to work best for you our Vendors.

To kick off the process to join as vendor, this is what you have to do. This 1st step would be to choose between the 2 Membership options. In order to do this click on the following link and select either  of the options below by clicking on REGISTER NOW

Enter a valid EMAIL address. The verification field will change to green once the verification email has been sent with a code which has to be entered to continue with the registration process.

The e-mail will contain the verification code which is required and to be entered to continue with the registration process.

The e-mail will contain the verification code which is required and to be entered to continue with the registration process.

Only enter a VAT# number if the store is registered for VAT with SARS.

Please pay attention to the COUNTRIES YOU DELIVER TO as this will determine to which site(s) your products will be published too. It can be either South Africa or Namibia or Both.

Only enter a WEBSITE ADDRESS if store has an active website. Alternative advise us with other social media presence as this is required for us to do review to verify the request for registration as a Vendor. An e-mail with this info can be sent to

Once all the information has been completed, click the REGISTER button.

Once you have clicked the REGISTER button the membership payment option will appear.  As the first 2 months of subscription is free and on trial, click in the radio button next to BANK TRANSFER and click PROCEED.  

The website page will then update and confirm that the first part of the registration has been completed and that the request to register as a Vendor will now be reviewed. 

Once the request to register as a Vendor has been reviewed and completed by uBuyaBox an email will be sent to advise you of the outcome of the review. Please allow for up to 48 hours for the review to be completed before a notification will reach your inbox.

Click on the link in RED in the email that will direct you to the website to login and continue with the Store setup.

Next section is to assist with the Store setup of the Vendor.

Store Setup

Click on the link in RED in the email that will direct you to the website to login and continue with the Store setup.


The next screen that will greet you will be the Store Setup Wizard.

Click on the red button to proceed with the setup of the Store.

Change the SHOP NAME as you would like it to appear on the marketplace. 

Check if the previously entered information is correct or maybe you would like to update it at this point. 

Write a catchy SHOP DESCRIPTION of what the shop is about and attract shoppers to your Store.

Enter PAYFAST MERCHANT ID here. Should you not have one yet, click CONTINUE.

Congratulations! Your Store setup has been completed when this screen pops up.

Click on the red button in this screen.

Next section is to assist with the uploading of the Products to the store.

Dashboard of the Store

This is what the Dashboard looks like. On the left of the screen are the menu items that would require some information that still needs to be completed.

Click on the PRODUCTS menu item to start uploading products to the Store.

The RED box in the bottom right corner can be clicked to Add New Product.

Before loading new products make sure the following is available and at hand as you will need this information when uploading products to the Store. The information that you will require will be;

  • Image of the product
  • Short Description of the product
  • Brief overview of the product, to include actual dimensions and weight of the product
  • The price of the product
  • Categories under which the product must be listed
  • The packed dimensions and weight of the product 
  • Store Policy to all conditions under which it operates including manufacturing and supply of the product. As detailed as possible. 
  • Return / Refund / Exchange Policy. Please bear in mind the T & C’s of the marketplace for items shipped to Namibia.

Click on ADD NEW to add a product. 

Should you not want to upload products individual and repeat any of the setup settings, we can assist with a bulk upload. Follow the link  to  complete the product info   for  import; 

Once completed email it to us as “Bulk Product Import” on It will be required of you to then inspect and review the products uploaded to tweak the setup which could not be handled by the template.

But lets do one, so you know what to expect and what is required to upload products to the Store.

Please pay attention to the detail which has to be entered or selected.

Click on the picture image to upload a picture of the product. Once the image has been uploaded, give the image a name.

Simple Product in the instance where no specifics are applicable to the product

Variable Product in the instance where specifics are applicable such as color, size, type, shape, volume, etc

Catalog in the instance where the Catalog has to be uploaded

Product Title typical something like Tray

Price will be the price at which the product will be sold

Sale Price will be when the product will be placed on Sale

Short Description would be the actual product description like “Black and White Tray”

Select the CATEGORIES under which the product should be listed on the marketplace.

The categories can also be expanded for a more in depth categorisation of the product.

Please refer to the next screenshot for an example of detail entered so far to load a product.

Tags can be added for easy search possibilities by a shopper.

DESCRIPTION of the product should have enough detail for the shopper to get a clear understanding of what the product looks and feel like and the purpose thereof. Returns and or Refunds should be included here.

CATALOG VISIBILITY is important and default setting should not be changed.

The final stage of the product setup will be in most cases be the same for all products uploaded to the Store, with the exception of the packed dimensions and a final note to the shopper once the product has been purchased.

INVENTORY caters for basic stock identification and management.

Should the stock level at any given time change, then the Stock Status has to be updated accordingly to any of the options available.

The SHIPPING info should be accurate as it will enable the marketplace to calculate the correct freight charges for both local and cross-border delivery that has to be recovered from the shopper. The packed dimension and weight of the item is necessary to process the freight documents for either the local or cross-border carrier and to return the correct freight charges.

PROCESSING TIME is an indicator by when the order will be ready to be shipped.

At any time during the upload of the product can the SUBMIT button be clicked to save the information that has been entered. The product upload can also be viewed.

Tax setting will depend on if the if the products are sold subject to VAT or excludes VAT.

TAX STATUS should be set to Taxable where VAT is applicable or None if no VAT is applicable.

TAX CLASS should be set to Standard for 15% VAT and Zero if no VAT is applicable.

ATTRIBUTES is an extra boost to promote the product.

Please remember to click the SUBMIT button to save the information of the product that are in the process of being uploaded.

The following 2 screenshots typically shows how the product will be displayed on the marketplace with the information that was added for the product.

The ORDER menu item is for the purpose and use by the store too track transactions on the marketplace. 

PAYMENTS menu item is there to indicate which orders were successful and have been paid.

SETTINGS menu item is where information regarding the Store can be updated and the display of the store can be adjusted.

REPORTS menu item can be used to generate statistical information to assist in making informed decisions and to measure the performance of the store.

SUPPORT menu item is to assist the Store in the instance where a client has logged a ticket to be actioned such as feedback from the store on a product that was purchased. 

Should any assistance be required during the setup of the Store or the upload of the products, we urge you to please liaise with us on