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Streetwize Safari Air Compressor 300PSI 12V


The Streetwize Safari Air Compressor 300PSI 12V is an efficient and reliable solution for inflating car tires and other inflatables. Equipped with a powerful 12V motor, this compressor delivers a maximum pressure of 300PSI and inflates a standard tire in a matter of minutes. An easy-to-read pressure gauge ensures precise inflation for optimal performance. Get your car tires ready for the road with the Streetwize Safari Air Compressor 300PSI 12V.

This Safari air compressor comes with an emergency work light (white) and red warning light as well as a robust plastic carrying case with storage compartments for 12V power lead, nozzle adaptors and air hose pipe with trigger. Ideal for inflating tyres on cars, motorcycles, vans and bicycles. Also suitable for inflating balls, toys and other inflatables.


  • Analogue display.
  • Thumb lock adaptor.
  • Include 3 adaptors for multi-purpose use.
  • Supplied with manual.
  • Suitable for inflating equipment that requires up to 300PSI.