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NUXE Bio Organic 24H Fresh-Feel Balm Deodorant - All Skin Types (50g)


Product Description: Discover the NUXE Organic 24 hour feel fresh balm deodorant for all skin types, with long lasting odor protection. This gentle deodorant respects the skin's natural balance, creating a sensation of freshness and purity. This quick absorbing deodorant leaves the underarms purified and soft and does not leave a sticky residue, yellow or white marks.
This organic solid deodorant is an intuitive new product combining 24-hr deodorant effectiveness and a skincare action thanks to a combination of absorbent botanical powder and organic botanical oil. Botanical Powder (organic corn Starch), absorbs perspiration to leave armpits soft, with a dry-touch.
Its' powdery balm texture with a dry finish is applied easily using your fingertips, just like a cream, gently cloaking the contours of the underarms. Its' invigorating aromatic orange Blossom scent creates a delightful sensation of freshness.

Key Ingredients:
- Botanical Powder (organic corn Starch), with a high absorption capacity. It effectively captures humidity, leaving armpits soft, with a dry-touch finish.
- Organic Coconut Oil: recognized for its' ability to purify the skin. Featuring a waterless and vegan formula.
Jar made from aluminum, a lightweight and 100% recyclable material.
Recycle in the plastic waste container after use.
(Local recycling requirements can vary).

How to Use: Apply a small amount with your fingertips and apply to the underarms just like a cream. You can dress immediately after application.

Size: 50g