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Lamelle - Skin Essence Corrector


Lamelle Skin Essence Corrector is a topical probiotic lysate essence that helps to keep the skin microbiome balanced and strong, preventing premature fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types with early ageing or sensitive skin.

Key ingredients include Bifida Ferment Lysate extracted from probiotic cultures that target the skin microbiome which helps to promote a healthy skin barrier and build resilience in the skin. Glycerin keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells healthy, protects against irritation, and helps to restore the barrier. Amino Acids act as water-binding agents and have a skin-restorative ability to fight signs of aging.

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: Lamelle Skin Essence Corrector is essential to restoring skin health. I am seeing an increased number of patients with sensitive skin in my practice and this requires a new paradigm to help strengthen and bolster the skin against these threats. A healthy skin barrier makes for resilient skin and it takes a multi-prong approach to achieve this including the use of topical probiotic lysates to keep the skin microbiome balanced. It is also important to use a high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen, and antioxidant daily to help protect the skin.