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L'ABEILLE Natural Jade Stone Roller


Product Description: Using your L’abeille Jade Facial Roller after applying your concentrates & serums helps to increase absorption of your products, so they can perform better & provide optimal results. Even better enhanced by using your roller after a Masque Therapy Facial Treatment. Our facial muscles hold a lot of tension, and in the same way that a deep tissue massage can relax & refresh your body, so does facial massage leave your tired & overworked facial muscles, revived, toned & renewed. The tension from tight facial muscles can cause wrinkles & fine lines, so massaging to release this helps fight premature aging. The motion of rolling helps to promote circulation, helping to plump & firm the skin. It also increases the oxygen supply, maintaining radiance & a healthy glow. Jade has a natural coolness that helps with reducing puffiness; this can be enhanced by placing your roller in a fridge or freezer for an extra cool touch. Using the small roller over the undereye area in the morning can help to relieve any overnight swelling & puffiness. Regular facial massage also helps to increase lymphatic drainage & eliminate toxins.

How to use:
Always use after cleansing & application of your chosen treatment concentrate & oil based serum, or after a complete Masque Therapy treatment.
Start at the base of your neck & roll upwards & outwards, always working against gravity
Move onto the face & always work from an imaginary centre line of your face outwards towards your ears, where the lymph drains from your face.
Repeat strokes at least 3 times
Always roll upwards & outwards, never back & forth.

How to clean your roller:
Wipe your roller gently with a soft, damp cloth and dry with an absorbent cloth. Place it on a towel or cloth to dry completely before packing away.
Never use hot water to clean your roller or soak it in water. Do not expose your roller to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, as it will erode the finish & polish.