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JACK BLACK Pit CTRL Aluminum-Free Deodorant (81ml)


Product Description: Natural, aluminum-free, vegan deodorant, featuring our best-selling Turbo aroma, glides on easily and provides all-day odor protection.
The gentle formula combines baking soda, cornstarch, and enzymes to provide long-lasting odor protection. Goes on clear. Dermatologist tested.

Key Ingredients: 

Baking Soda: Highly effective in neutralizing odors.
Cornstarch: Minimizes odors and absorbs wetness.
Enzymes: Neutralize and convert malodors.

How to use: Turn base of stick to raise product. Use sparingly (2-3 light strokes per armpit) on underarms only. Allow product to dry before dressing. Use morning, evening, or post-workout as needed.

Please note if you have not used a natural deodorant before:
Some people switching to a natural deodorant from an antiperspirant may find that it can take about 4 weeks to completely adjust to using a product like this. The first few weeks you may feel like the product is not working to control odor, and you may actually sweat a little more. This is not unusual. As your body adjusts to the product, the odor control will improve and any increase in sweating will typically dissipate.

Size: 81m