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Ender 3 / CR 10S 0.4mm Plated Nozzle

These 0.4mm MK8 Nozzles are Creality Original replacement parts designed to fit the Creality CR-10S, and are based on the successful MK8 design.
They are the standard nozzle size of 0.4mm, which is the same size that comes equipped on many of the modern models since 3mm filament began phasing out.
This size offers impressive accuracy without compromising too much on the rate at which 3D Printers lay down the Plastic Filaments. A good balance of speed and quality that is relatively easy to work with compared to larger or smaller nozzles.
While some people enjoy printing with smaller nozzles to ascertain even better quality and printing accuracy, and others choose to use large nozzles for speed-printing models or objects that don't need to be perfectly accurate, these nozzles offer the best of both worlds.
This is why they come as the stock nozzles on so many different models of printers, and is why we always ensure to be well-stocked in these since they are some of the most common replacement parts that we supply to customers.
However, if you are a veteran in 3D Printing, you will understand that each different size nozzle can offer their own benefits, which is why we also stock a range of various size 3D Printer Nozzles, to accommodate the wide range of different projects that 3D Makers choose to enjoy.