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DTERRA Essential Oil Lemongrass Pamper Hamper


All-natural, toxin-free Lemongrass Scented Soap, Bath Salts, and Hand and Body Lotion.

dōTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade, meaning that the oils are pure and no extra chemicals are added to stretch the product. The CPTG stamp also means that it has been through a number of tests to determine its purity, quality, and authenticity. The plants for the oils are sourced from the regions where they grow the best. The oils are extracted in a manner to get the most minerals out of the plant and still deliver the highest grade oils.
Lemongrass essential oil is known to assist in the drainage of the lymphatic system.

This hamper of Lemongrass scented soap, 100ml hand and body cream, and 500ml bath salts is put together with all-natural products so that you can enjoy a pamper session without adding toxins to your body.

dōTERRA Lemongrass essential oil provides a strong, smoky citrus aroma, and offers purifying and toning benefits for the skin. It has a rejuvenating smell, which is perfect for a pick-me-up pamper session at the end of a long day, and the beginning of a long night. What really makes the Lemongrass pamper hamper perfect, is that the strong fragrance from the pure and potent oil will not give you a headache as most other scented products would.