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DJ Power Dual LED CO2 Jet


The X-4 dual CO2 jet is a set of 2 stationary units that can produce 2 columns of CO2 with one cylinder. Using liquid carbon dioxide, this unit will produce 2 columns 4-5 meters in height and built in LED’s can be used to change the colour of the plume. The units can be controlled manually or via DMX.

Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Fuse: 2A
Power: 70W
Max Output Height: 4-5m
LED Power: 5W x 12pcs
LED Colour:
DMX Channels: 7
Unit Weight: 4.3kg
Nett Weight: 12.9kg
Gross Weight: 14.4kg
Unit Size: 156x184x291mm
Package Size(2 units): 580x470x380mm