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Delrin V-wheel with Bearings

With the open-source movement having gained a fair amount of traction and popularity over the past few years, products like Aluminium Extrusions and other DIY-related items are becoming more affordable and more accessible to us all.
This is why we always try to keep stock of our Delrin Solid V-Wheels with 625ZZ Bearings included, because these wheels snugly fit into V-Slot Aluminium Extrusions to provide smooth and consistent linear motion along rails for 3D Printing, DIY structures and various other home and industrial applications.
The wheels are made from Delrin (Acetal) material, with a Rockwell Hardness of M80.
This translates to long-lasting durability as well as cost effectiveness, as the wheel will continue to last long after the bearings within have come to a grinding halt.
Fortunately, however, the 625ZZ Radial Ball Bearings included with these wheels are relatively inexpensive to replace, and can be easily switched out as necessary.
3D Printers that commonly use these wheels, bearings and V-Slot Aluminium Extrusions include the Creality Range and Tevo Range both of which are world-renowned for their top quality printing quality and consistently.