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CR 10S PRO 0.4mm Brass Nozzle

Creality 3D are a fantastic company that simply keeps on advancing with seemingly no resistance, and with very few competitors that can match the incredible value for money that Creality 3D Printers offer.
However, with the Creality CR-10S Pro, Creality decided to utilise a slightly different type of nozzle with M6x0. 75 threading, which should theoretically improve heat transfer capabilities due to the higher surface area of the threading, but has become a bit frustrating for users who are looking for Creality Spares and upgrades relating to the nozzle.
Fortunately, we love 3D Printing, and we understand just how annoying it can be to have a fully working machine but no nozzle to make it work.
And despite being one of the smallest parts on the entire printer, it is fundamental for operations and there are no alternatives.
This is why we strive to stock spares like the 0.4mm Nozzle for CR-10S Pro, as well as the upgraded 0.4mm Micro Swiss CR-10S Pro Nozzle, so that you can not only replace whatever parts you need to, but also choose to upgrade various parts as you strive toward better print quality or more diverse functionality for your 3D printer.
This nozzle is designed to the MK8 Standard, but features the unique (and frustrating) M6x0.75 threading to fit the Creality CR-10S Pro.
This ensures that even if you entirely burn out or totally jam your nozzle, you can simply get a quick replacement nozzle and get straight back to 3D Printing with as little downtime as possible.