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R 2,178.00

Floral - Elegant, Delicate, Solar, Emotion, Tenderness

Discover these feminine, delicate and solar blends. Subtle and floral scents that reveal tenderness and emotion.

Product Description: GUARIA MORADA is the iconic flower of Costa Rica. It is a symbol of luck and a source of good fortune. This fragrance promises floral sweetness and fruity delicacy for a unique journey into the heart of the Costa Rican landscape. Its floral and shimmering qualities pique your curiosity and deliver instant pleasure, through a combination of floral and fruity notes: ylang-ylang, orange blossom and pear. Mandarin orange brings joy and sparkle while tuberose and vanilla add sensuality and depth. An exotic caress on your skin. The richness of Costa Rica in a glass bottle. Orange from Brazil, Amyris from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia. Olfactive creation by Mylene Alran.

Size: 100ml