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How can I benefit from Source, Fulfill, Drop?
If you want to start buying beyond the borders of Namibia and have access to a wide variety of products in South Africa, then you are at the right place. Our neighbours like South Africa can help you shop till you drop. We have closed the gap where shopping cross-border may have previously limited you. It is like trading in the old days, where we buy a specific product for you from the vendor and deliver it to your doorstep.
Do I need to sign up to make use of this service?
No signing up on the marketplace is required to access this service.
How do I access and make use of this service?
You provide us with the information of your supplier and the goods that you would like to purchase. We will revert back with a quote, detailing the cost involved to make the purchase on your behalf and delivery to your door.
I am a business owner based in Namibia and supplier is not registered from export, please help!
No problem, we can help you. We make the purchase on your behalf from the supplier and take care of the VAT charged on the transaction by the supplier.
I am a business owner based in Namibia but not registered for VAT import, please help!
No problem, we can help you with this too. We handle the cross-border activities including customs formalities and present you with an all inclusive tax invoice for Namibia.
I am an individual based in Namibia and would like to make a purchase from another marketplace or supplier, please help!
The service is not just limited to businesses but also available to the individual. We can make the purchase on your behalf from either the marketplace of specific supplier and take of the VAT charged on the transaction. We handle the cross-border activities including customs formalities and present you with an all inclusive tax invoice for Namibia.
What information is required to obtain a quote for the purchase I would like to make?
Typical the information that will be be required is the supplier information, product information such as cost, weight and dimensions. On the menu "Source - Fulfill - Drop there is an online online form to be completed to share your request. The information is required to receive a complete quote. Alternatively you can send us the link to and can then assist to start the process.
How do I pay for my purchase?
We allow for an EFT payment to be made to a nominated bank account which appears on the quotation. Once the payment reflects in our bank will we send you the tax invoice to confirm the payment received. We then will proceed with the purchase and keep you posted throughout the purchase and delivery cycle.
What would the lead time be for delivery of my purchase?
Product readiness and estimated time of departure determines the delivery time from the supplier to your doorstep. We aim to deliver within in 10 working days from when it leaves the supplier to delivery at your doorstep. First prize would be that the goods will be ready for collection when the purchase is made from either a marketplace or specific supplier. This will be confirmed with either prior to making the purchase. Some products are custom made and only manufactured as the orders are placed. Suppliers do tend to only make a certain quantity of an item and don’t necessarily keep stock of such an item due to its originality. Should the goods originate outside a main center such as Gauteng or the immediate Western Cape, then an extra 3 days should be allowed for the delivery to the processing facility. Transport cross-border departs on a Friday and all purchases need to reach us by Thursday.
Can I cancel my purchase?
A purchase can only be cancelled before manufacturing of the order or prior to departure from the supplier. No cancellation of the purchase can be entertained once either of the aforementioned are in progress. Should a cancellation be possible a refund on the purchase will done within 10 workings days and a handling fee will apply which will be deducted from the refund amount.
What products are prohibited and restricted which I may not buy or are subjected to import regulations that have to be met?
Restricted and prohibited products are normally governed by the terms and conditions of the carrier and customs import regulations of a country. Restricted and prohibited items that will not be available on the marketplace are: Alcohol, Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, all live animals and livestock or related products as a result thereof, Illegal drugs, firearms and ammunition, pornography, farm produce: Wheat, maize and cereal or related products. Perishables including meat but not limited too, used pneumatic tyres, raw hide and skins, diamonds and gold, live plants and products, honey, fireworks and explosives.
Can I change the delivery address once the purchase transaction has been completed?
The change of delivery address can only be accommodated prior to departure. Once it is en-route the address can not be changed.
If I am based in Namibia, where will my shopping be delivered too?
Delivery of your purchase from the supplier will be routed via our processing facility to a physical address in Namibia. Delivery to a Postal address is not possible.
How do I know where my shopping is?
On completion of your purchase a transaction reference will be made available to which all carrier tracking tags will be linked. Tracking can either be done on our portal using the transaction reference or the carrier tracking tag.
What should I do when the parcel is delivered?
They delivery receipt should be clearly signed including a date and time of delivery. Should there be a discrepancy with the condition of the delivery or the content, refusal for acceptance may not be exercised. Any discrepancy should be recorded on the delivery receipt and should be co-signed by the representative of the carrier. The delivery must be accepted to initiate an insurance claim, return, refund or exchange.
Can I return / exchange or have a refund on an item purchased where I am based in Namibia?
In the event of a cross-border purchase it is more complex due to the customs formalities, cost involved and duration. All cost for an item to be returned to South Africa has to be paid by the shipper prior to returning the item. Refund for the purchase will be between the supplier and the client. Retain the original packaging should the supplier have consented to a return / refund or exchange. Exchanging an item after the return has been completed is subject to a new transaction which has to be actioned on the site.
What extra charges can I expect to pay other than the actual cost of the product for my delivery to Namibia?
Keeping cost low and to not compromise on the purchase for quality and have it delivered to your door, there are charges that needs to be paid as nothing is for free. We don’t markup the product and have negotiated the best rates for delivery with our service providers so that you can benefit as well in getting your purchase delivered to your door. As we are buying and paying the supplier and service provider for delivery on your behalf we charge a service fee as a percentage on the total outlay made on your behalf. The service fee depends on the purchase regularity and value of the goods per purchase. To process and prepare your purchase for export at our processing facility we do not charge a fee. A documentation fee is applicable to single export shipments. Consolidating all your purchases into one shipment is optional and is more cost effective than receiving more than one shipment at the same time. This service is available upon request and a request for this can be emailed to Then there is the cost for delivery to your door which consist of the delivery fee to our processing facility and the actual transport cross-border and delivery in Namibia. This is based on the chargeable mass of the shipment.
I need more information, can you help me?
For more detailed information you can always refer to out Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy or send us a message via "Contact Us" on the site.