Frequently Asked Questions - Shoppers

If you want to start buying beyond the borders of Namibia and have access to a wide variety of products in South Africa, then you are at the right place.

Our neighbours like South Africa can help you shop till you drop. We have closed the gap where shopping cross-border may have previously limited you. It is like trading in the old days, where we buy a specific product for you from the vendor and deliver it to your doorstep.

Yes signing up on the marketplace is free. There is no monthly subscription fee for shoppers. An e-mail notification will be sent to you to verify and activate your account. Please pay close attention to the correctness of information entered to create your profile.

Browse the marketplace for items of interest. Once you have found something that you like either add it to your Wishlist or to the Cart. No need for multiple checkouts from different Vendors. You only checkout and pay once. A fee to consolidate all your shopping into one shipment will be applied. 

Yes all Shoppers in South Africa are most welcome to buy from our marketplace. Vendor purchases are channeled through our portal and will ship directly to you in South Africa. This is referred to as Drop Shipping.

Yes all Shoppers in Namibia are most welcome to our marketplace. Vendor purchases are channeled through our portal and will ship via our processing facility to you in Namibia.

Want to buy something specific that is not on our marketplace you can refer to “How it Works – Assisted Purchase” or refer to the FAQ on Assisted Purchase.

The service is not just limited to businesses but also available to the individual. 

We can make the purchase on your behalf from either the marketplace of specific supplier and take of the VAT charged on the transaction. 

We handle the cross-border activities including customs formalities and present you with an all inclusive tax invoice for Namibia.

For more information you can refer to “How it Works – Assisted Purchase” or refer to the FAQ on Assisted Purchase.

We only accept payment via either Debit or Credit card through a secure and accredited payment gateway. To save cost on transaction fees the payment gateway based on your location will be available to effect payment. The payment will be processed immediately on your card in your local currency.

We make every effort to secure all information of your profile and do not collect or store any payment information as this is managed by 3rd parties contracted to process the payment which is encrypted using the latest encryption technology.

Some products are custom made and only manufactured as the orders are placed. Some Vendors only make a certain quantity of an item and don’t necessarily keep stock of such an item due to its originality. 

Production information is available when clicking on the actual product that you are interested in.

Certain product selection criteria is available when you add the item to either your Wishlist or Cart such as dress or shoe size, color or size of the product as specified. 

There might be on occasion a request for more customisation to be done to the item and this will be possible once the transaction has been concluded.

A Vendor communication button will be available on the product profile where you can then communicate with the Vendor regarding customisation options available. Please note all communication is done via the portal. 

A purchase can only be cancelled before manufacturing of the order or prior to departure from the Vendor. No cancellation of the purchase can be entertained once either of the aforementioned are in progress.

Should a cancellation be possible a refund on the purchase will done within 10 workings days and the handling fee will apply which will be deducted from the refund amount.

Restricted and prohibited products are normally governed by the terms and conditions of the carrier and customs import regulations of a country. 

Restricted and prohibited items that will not be available on the marketplace typically would be :

* Alcohol
* Tobacco
* Pharmaceuticals
* All live animals and livestock or related products as a result thereof
* Illegal drugs
* Firearms and ammunition
* Pornography
* Farm produce
* Wheat, maize and cereal or related products
* Perishables including meat but not limited too
* Used pneumatic tyres
* Raw hide and skins
* Diamonds and gold
* Live plants and products
* Honey
* Fireworks and explosives
* Anything not approved by the marketplace

Unfortunately change of delivery address can not be accommodated once the transaction has been concluded. 

Product readiness and estimated time of departure determines the delivery time from the Vendor to your doorstep. 

Please take note of the lead times for availability, manufacturing or dispatch as per the Vendor’s Store Policy.

We aim to deliver within in 10 working days from when it leaves the Vendor to delivery at your doorstep.

Lead time to main centres are approximately 1 – 2 days depending the location of the vendor.

Lead time to outlining areas are approximately 2 – 3 days depending the location of the vendor.

Delivery of your shopping from the Vendor will be routed via our processing facility to a physical address in Namibia. Delivery to a Postal address is not possible.

Insurance is normally optional. 

The insurance as per the preferred courier of the marketplace will apply.

The limited liability option is limited to a maximum of R1000.00 (including VAT) per consignment carried, this value shall in all cases not exceed the actual manufactured cost of the article/s.

The Limited Liability option is subject to an additional 2% of the cost price of the article plus VAT or the Clients’ current minimum charge, whichever is the greater, declared before dispatch.

Should a Client wish to make use of the Limited Liability option available, the limited liability checkbox should be selected and the value of the article declared on the waybill. Should the Client not declare the value of the article, the value shall be deemed to be equal to an amount of R50, 00(including VAT).

Should a Client elect to pay the 2% of the cost price indicated on the Waybill for limited liability whilst goods are in-transit, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The maximum limited liability offered is R50 000,00 per waybill, subject to;
    • A 5% excess would apply Exclusion of certain specified Articles, refer to Terms and Conditions of the marketplace;
    • The Client has actually selected the “limited liability” option on the Waybill;
    • The article is adequately packaged by the shipper to withstand the normal rigors of transportation. Claims due to inadequate packaging can be repudiated;
    • The Client has proven, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Carrier, that the article has been lost or damaged, and that such loss or damage was caused by the Carrier;
    • The Client has paid the fee for insurance;
    • The Client endorsed the waybill upon delivery indicating that the goods is either damaged or delivered short.

Insurance is normally optional.

The delivery and insurance of the contracted service provider upto our processing facility will apply.

Should it be that the packing requirement has not been met, or that the shipment arrive damaged at our processing facility or after assessment that the content might be damaged, we will intervene and report this to both you and the Vendor for further instruction. 

General Goods in Transit insurance is included in the transport cost from our processing facility in South Africa upto our handling facility in Namibia. Goods in Transit insurance covers fire, collision, overturning and hijacking. 

Additional insurance can be selected on checkout for onward delivery from our handling facility in Namibia to your doorstep. The optional insurance that is available is 2% of the declared invoice value. Should no value be declared for insurance purposes the assumed value will be N$50.00.

On completion of your purchase a transaction reference will be made available to which all carrier tracking tags will be linked. Tracking can either be done on our portal using the transaction reference or the carrier tracking tag.

The delivery receipt should be clearly signed including a date and time of delivery. 

Should there be a discrepancy with the condition of the delivery or the content, refusal for acceptance may not be exercised. Any discrepancy should be recorded on the delivery receipt and should be co-signed by the representative of the carrier. 

The delivery must be accepted to initiate an insurance claim, return, refund or exchange. 

Every Vendor’s store is governed by their own Store Policy conditions when it comes to returns / exchanges or refunds. The Vendor’s Store Policy rules will apply. 

Pay careful attention to this prior to selecting an item to purchase. 

Retain the original packaging should the Vendor have consented to a return / refund or exchange.

In the event of a crossborder purchase it is more complex due to the customs formalities, cost involved and duration. 

All cost for an item to be returned to South Africa has to be paid by the shipper prior to returning the item. 

Refund for the purchase will be between the Vendor and the client. 

Retain the original packaging should the Vendor have consented to a return / refund or exchange.

Exchanging an item after the return has been completed is subject to a new transaction which has to be actioned on the site.

Keeping cost low and to not compromise on shopping for quality and have it delivered to your door, there are charges that needs to be paid for as nothing is for free.

We don’t markup the product and have negotiated the best rates for delivery with our service providers so that you can benefit as well in getting your shopping delivered to your door.

As we are buying and paying the Vendor and service provider for delivery on your behalf we charge a handling fee as a percentage on the total transaction value.

To process and prepare your shopping for export at our processing facility we charge a process fee, photo fee to confirm arrival at our facility and a documentation fee. 

Consolidating all your shopping into one shipment is optional and is more cost effective than receiving more than one shipment at the same time.

Then there is the cost for delivery to your door which consist of the delivery fee to our processing facility and the actual transport cross-border and delivery in Namibia. This is based on the value and chargeable mass of the shipment.

Because we would like our countrymen to also share in the shopping experience at our marketplace the only other charges that will be added apart from the product and deliver fee is the payment processing fee.

For more detailed information you can always refer to out Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy or chat to us using the widget in the bottom right hand corner and one of our agents will be in touch.