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Floral Tonic

R 754.00

Alcohol free fusion of uplifting and astringent flower extracts with notes of roman chamomile and rose to tone and refresh.

PH balanced formula

Star ingredients: rose, roman chamomile and lavender.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive or prone to acne.

100% organic

Volume: 200ml

Key benefits:
-cools, tones and refreshes after cleansing
-prepares skin for best absorption of moisturiser
-leaves complexion fresh looking


Dampen a cotton pad with Inlight Floral Tonic and use it all over your face, neck and around the eyes, sweeping gently in a circular motion. For very sensitive skin we suggest the cotton wool is first dampened with a little warm water before applying the facial toner.

Recommended to use after cleansing and/or masking to lock in moisture and leave skin PH balanced.